Why You Need a DUI Attorney to Speak on Your Behalf

If you have been charged with DUI, the first thing you need to face is that DUI is a real crime and you are facing real criminal charges.  Conviction of DUI comes with real consequences that can include jail time.  Even if there is no jail time there will be heavy fines and expenses if you are convicted.  You might think that “facing the music” and pleading guilty is the responsible thing to do.  Without a DUI attorney to speak on your behalf you could end up with harsher punishments and excessive fines and confusion as to how the court proceedings will work.

Here are the reasons you need to work with a DUI attorney:

Financial Burdens

DUI convictions come with heavy fines and penalties that you will be responsible for paying.  Even a first time conviction can result in more than $3000 worth of fines.  The fines don’t include the other costs you will end up paying as well, your car insurance premiums are going to sky rocket.

In addition to insurance increases if you want to be able to drive you will have to pay for ignition lock systems, you will also be obligated to attend counselling for DUI which you will have to pay for.  The true cost of a DUI conviction can top $10,000 by the time you’re done.  You can’t afford not to have an attorney.

Jail Time

Even a misdemeanor conviction on a DUI charge can land you in jail, for instance if you are convicted in Florida of DUI even a first offence you can be sentenced to 180 days in jail.  If it is your second charge you could be looking at a year.  If it is a felony conviction you can get 5 years in prison.  Your DUI attorney can help minimize any time you may be

Your License

In most jurisdictions even being charged with DUI results in your license being suspended for at least 90 days.  A conviction can result in you losing your license permanently.  This means normal day to day activities like taking your children to school are completely out of your reach.  An attorney can help mitigate the time your license is suspended or even avoid suspension altogether.

Avoiding Conviction

Being arrested doesn’t mean that convection will immediately follow.  Your attorney can help you fight the charges and avoid conviction.  They do this in a couple of ways, reducing the charges, having them dismissed altogether or winning the case at trial.

While a DUI charge may seem like a minor thing, but it isn’t and you need to take it seriously.  The consequences are real and the process can be confusing, a DUI attorney can speak on your behalf and can clear the confusion for you and help minimize the impact the conviction will have on your life.

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