Personal Injury / Slip and Fall

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer After a Slip and Fall Accident

It is never a good idea for someone who is not a legal professional to make decisions about legal matters and attempt to file a lawsuit without an attorney. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, there are reasons to hire a slip and fall lawyer. Some Issues Must Be Proven In Court When you file a personal injury claim after a slip and fall, your lawyer will be prepared to prove some matters in court. You must prove liability which means showing how the accident occurred To establish liability, there must be some negligence

Criminal Law

Why You Need a DUI Attorney to Speak on Your Behalf

DUI attorney to speak on your behalf

If you have been charged with DUI, the first thing you need to face is that DUI is a real crime and you are facing real criminal charges.  Conviction of DUI comes with real consequences that can include jail time.  Even if there is no jail time there will be heavy fines and expenses if you are convicted.  You might think that “facing the music” and pleading guilty is the responsible thing to do.  Without a DUI attorney to speak on your behalf you could end up with harsher punishments and excessive fines and confusion as to how the